Meet the Administrative Team!


At the heart of EverythingWellness is our illustrious Administrative Team who work tirelessly in order to give back to the community!

Be on the lookout for communications from these Administrative Team Members!


Rossetta "Rosie" Avery

Our CEO & Supervising Manager

Rossetta “Rosie” Avery leads EverythingWellness LLC as the CEO & Supervising Manager, holding the responsibility for business operations in all fifty states and Puerto Rico. She oversees the company’s continued expansion into new global markets

Incorporating her love and passion for learning and teaching, Rosie took an additional role to teach STEM classes for young children (4-10 years old) to SAT and ACT prep courses to young adults (14-18 years old). Taking on these contract jobs was a great achievement during the height of her career until the pandemic.

From the onset of the pandemic, Rosie was laid off from all five of her contract jobs and forced to rethink her life goals. From that challenge and struggle became an opportunity to assist and help those by volunteering as a member of the Community Response System of South of Los Angeles to becoming a Covid Compliance Manager overseeing all safety and health protocols.

Rosie holds a MA in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. She has used her extensive training in collaborating with teams to building a massive team of great contractors and employees from all across the country.

Nicholas "Leo" Delgado

Our Operations Manager

Nicholas Delgado is currently finishing his undergraduate degree at Hofstra University (BA in Psychology) with two Minors (LGBTQ+ Studies and Women’s Studies). He will be completing his degree in the Fall of 2023.

Nicholas has worked in many different industries, from Customer Service to Healthcare. He has also worked for private, state government and federal government organizations across the United States, but primarily focused in New York where he resides.

Some fun facts about Nicholas are that he is a nationally ranked cheerleader as well as the Chancellor of the Sigma Alpha Sigma Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi.